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Semantic Social Networks, Social Semantic Web and Bazaar

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Semantic Social Networks, Social Semantic Web and Bazaar


In addition to our main meetup session we will run a Semantic Bazaar. The Semantic Bazaar provides a forum for start-ups, companies and enthusiasts alike to present their projects, products and ideas to the community. The Semantic Bazaar will open it's doors at 4:30pm and will close at 6pm.

Semantic Bazaar:

Integrating Weka with Neo4J - Vasco Yordanov, Yanago LLC

NLP topics for Semantic Web application development - Breck Baldwin, Alias-I

6:30pm Meetup Session Welcome

The Social Semantic Web
John Breslin

The Social Web, a platform where people are connecting through their shared objects of interest, is encountering some boundaries in the areas of information integration, portability, search, and demanding tasks like querying. The Semantic Web is an ideal platform for interlinking and performing operations on the diverse data available from Social Web "data silos", and has produced a variety of approaches to overcome some of the limitations with the Social Web. In this talk, Breslin will describe some applications of Semantic Web technologies to the Social Web. In particular, he will focus on the SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities) framework which can be used to describe social website structures, enabling data exports and information sharing for social media contributions. SIOC is one of the metadata formats used in Drupal 7, and has been deployed in Yahoo! SearchMonkey/BOSS, OpenLink Data Spaces, BlogEngine.NET, and various other applications.

John Breslin is a lecturer in the School of Engineering and Informatics at NUI Galway, Ireland. He is also leader of the Social Software Unit at DERI, NUI Galway, where he is researching the Social Semantic Web (he recently co-authored a book on this topic). Breslin is the founder of the SIOC project, which aims to interlink online communities with semantic technologies. He has received a number of web awards, including two IIA Net Visionary awards in 2005 and 2006 for the community website Ltd., which he co-founded in 2000. Breslin is also an advisor
to CrowdGather LLC, and blogs at

Web+TV – Opportunities and Challenges for Social Search
Nitya Narasimhan

Ubiquitous broadband access in homes and on-the-go (3G, WiFi) coupled with richer media consumption devices (phones, tablets, PCs) has resulted in more users consuming video and television content on the Internet. However, broadcast television continues to be the dominant source of entertainment and shared consumption experiences in the home. Unfortunately, cable and web ecosystems have traditionally operated as independent entities, making it more difficult for users to discover, share or create content in a seamless and consistent manner across them. Further, “search” capabilities for rich media are often built upon text-based algorithms – requiring the media to be annotated with appropriate “meta-data” in order to be indexed, discovered or navigated efficiently. This presents both challenges (in consistent semantic understanding of metadata and finer-granularity annotation for new and legacy content) and opportunities (in complementary search techniques for rich media). In this presentation we’ll look at emerging technologies and experiences that bridge Internet and Broadcast television and explore the potential for “social” search as an enabler to improve discovery, query and annotation capabilities for rich media.

Nitya Narasimhan is a researcher at Motorola and has been working for the past few years on applications and platforms for the mobile and the home (set-top box) domains. In recent years, this has taken a turn towards developing and supporting social networking applications (and related social media interactions) on these devices. One current area of interest to Nitya is Social Search and she is interested in interacting with (and learning from) experts in the information retrieval and semantic web spaces to understand (a) how to instrument applications for better search utility and (b) how to leverage existing tools and instrumentation to support new experiences on devices.

Semantic Social Networks
Marco Neumann - KONA

we will define a new product category and explore it's ingredients. Most notably the mix of Semantic Web technologies, online social media and network metrics in collaborative online communities. Online Social Networks exist explicitly in the context of products or services and implicitly across social media installments as augmented identity. We will take a look at the ingredients and the processes at work to develop a better understanding of Semantic Social Networks.

401 7th Ave 33rd St & 7th Ave, PennTop North -18th · New York, NY
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